Awakening Gratitude

gratitude illustration

#tinytruth I'm a glass half empty girl by nature. ⁣

I'm not sure if there is a natural predisposition to perspective, but it's something I've always found I have to fight for. The noise and speed of my thoughts mean I can often get lost in the woods with them a little bit. Gratitude is a practice that I find helps me pull back and find a little perspective. To me, the concept of gratitude used to sound like the shallower sugar coating of life, but now I do truly believe it is so much deeper than that. It is the art of taking time to re-frame our life and our thoughts. To consciously look for the light that often is shadowed by our noisy, sometimes negative thoughts. ⁣

Krissie over @thisgratefulnow is the kindest soul who I discovered through her lovely gratitude journal, and the beautiful posts she shares around life, gratefulness and her search for meaning. So when she openly admitted that this year she's been finding it hard to maintain a regular gratitude practice, I admit I breathed a tiny sigh of relief. Because what I find I connect most with within these windows are the #tinytruths that people are brave enough to share. ⁣

What I also love, is that she's reaching out to the gorgeous community she's been cultivating on Instagram to help her re-awaken her practice. Sharing our truths and asking for help is, to me, an incredibly courageous and inspiring thing to do. In doing this, it's also helped me realise that I'd like to make my gratitude practice more of a regular habit again too. So I'm going to try to share a daily post in my stories of a photo, maybe with a few words, when I consciously take time to do a re-frame. That's what this eye doodle is to me... an image prompt for making time to re-frame my thoughts, and a reminder to look for the tiny magical messages that are always hiding, if you make the space and take the time to look.⁣

Do you have a regular gratitude practice? If you're looking to start, or re-awaken your practice too I know that Krissie would love you to join her...