Bloom Illustration

#tinytruth I want to be more plant. Less force, more feeling (ooh, that would make a great # don't you think? 🤔😉)⁣

Bear with me... I know that sounds a little too woo-woo for a Wednesday afternoon, and my kids are going to roll their eyes at me too no doubt. But I think there’s something to it... ⁣

I recently discovered the work of @jeshderox (🙏 @thecreativityhabit ), who is an artist who studies joy. Now that’s something I think is worth studying! I caught one of his @instagram lives yesterday and throughout his talk, my mind was firing with so many connections that lit me up. ⁣

This concept of being more plant was one of them... I’m not sure if these were his exact words, but basically, he was expressing how we could benefit from letting go of the plans, rules, boxes, expectations, and systems we tend to cling to as humans. Instead, he suggested trying to surrender ourselves more to the elements, to feel our own path instead of planning the route beforehand. I guess in a way it’s more like tuning into our intuition... and trusting ourselves.⁣

I definitely feel the desire to grow more in this direction. I'm a stickler for rules, plans, order, systems... but I think they often get me stuck. Right now I'm playing with letting go a bit more, and exploring what that feels like for me... ⁣

I liked it... so I doodled this, and let it sink in. That really works for me right now, finding fun ways of 'creating' my thoughts is incredibly therapeutic. What do you do to help your thoughts settle? Does being more plant sound appealing to you? 🌱