Change your thinking

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#tinytruth simple truths can speak the loudest.⁣

I read this phrase, or something similar, on social media today and it hit me like a lightning bolt. I know this in my heart to be true... and yet I do find it very difficult to put into practice. I think I need it written on a post-it note and taped to my forehead... or tattoed on the back of my hand might be more helpful.⁣

Changing thoughts changes worlds.⁣

Who needs a holiday, let's spend the money and time on our minds instead. It would be better for the environment too right... 😉

I've recently discovered the work of Sam Harris (@samharrisorg)... how has it taken me so long? If any of you would like some help changing your thought patterns, I'd really recommend you check out his 'Waking Up' app. His book 'Lying' is also mind-blowingly brilliant.⁣

Any other tips for changing up our thought patterns feel free to send them my way! 🙌🙏⁣