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#tinytruth sharing our truths is hard, and messy work.⁣

This is something I feel strongly about, but it is something I'm very uncomfortable sharing. It might well be a case of too much exposure, and I'll end up taking it down. However, a wise woman I know has recently reminded me that truth-telling is the first step to freedom and joy, and I believe her with the deepest parts of my knowing.⁣

So what I want to share with you today is that I had an incredibly privileged education. And there is this feeling that comes with that privilege for me, I think it's embarrassment, or shame, I'm not sure exactly of its flavour. But I am uncomfortable around it. Feelings are hard for me to hold, and I do believe that part of that is definitely my nature, but part of it, I know, is also to do with boarding school. ⁣

The thing about a boarding school education, that I don't think our parents understood, is that in order to survive, it forces children to hide their truths. Creativity, questioning, and playfulness did not sit comfortably in that system. Sadness was not to be heard. Feelings, and vulnerabilities needed to get pushed aside and bottled up, and young minds are forced to focus on facts and rules, and hierarchies. There is no amount of 'pastoral care' that can make up for the hole that is left where your family once stood. I think for me, because of this separation, I'm still very much learning to understand the emotional landscape of my mind. ⁣

I do, however, understand why my own parents sent me to school and given their life story I believe they were doing their best within their capabilities. But I think we have to be more careful with our children's voices. We have to be more honest. We have to share our truths, and help them listen to their own quiet hearts. Whatever song they may be singing. As parents, we are more naturally in-tune with our children, and if we can, we have to hold our tongues to make space for their songs. ⁣

So, I do accept that I am a person of privilege in this world, and was incredibly lucky to have found it so 'easy' to get where I am today, sitting very comfortably in this cottage of mine, with more than 'enough' money along with, most importantly, my health. But when we think of education, and the benefit that it brings, I think we must look at the true meaning of that word, and what kind of world we want to create for our own children. Grades and goals can so quickly become the focus, hiding the hope that these little souls bring into the world. Joy and connection is, in my mind, how we will heal ourselves and in turn this world of ours... and anything that gets in the way of that, I feel, has no place in it. ⁣

Do you have any truths that you feel uncomfortable sharing? I think that by sharing ours, it makes space for more connection... do you agree? ⁣