Rock & Soul

I may well be biased here, as Emily and I worked together setting up Rock & Soul, but believe me when I tell you I know my smell, and these blends are the most beautiful ones I've come across. No joke. Emily is an apothecary like no other, and an incredibly kind hearted girl who's dream is to help spread more happiness around the world. 
The benefits of essential oils are limitless, but their powers to help people manage their emotions are truly magical. Worth exploring for adults and kids who struggle with anxiety and sleeping especially.

Smallest Light

Laura creates the most lovely seasonal aromatherapy candles over in Wales. They are delightful. I'm yet to find a kid who doesn't love candles, and it's a great way to get the benefits of aromatherapy, alongside the joy of the candle light. I'd love to find out more behind the name, but for now I love "The smallest light still shines in the darkest night."