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“I had found refuge for my hopes inside myself, to keep them from being blown out by other men.” Jacques Lusseyran, And There Was Light. ⁣⁣
- A Quick Evening Sketch -⁣

You know that feeling you get when you’re reading a book and the words just floor you. That’s how I rate books... how many times I have to stop, take a photo / scribble a note / draw a sketch. This book, I’m reading so SLOWLY. My brain can’t process it quickly, I think it wants to soak it up daily like a plant. I feel it nourishing me, and tiny connections are lighting me up as I go, and I know that it’s changing the way I think, and see.⁣⁣
Have you read any books that have shifted something in you recently?

Soul Meditations

There is something about sharing the things I love that makes me shimmer inside. This book is one of those things… You know when you find things that reach inside you like that and you want to buy a boatfull of them so that you can share them with every single soul you see. On opening the beautiful parcel I got from Raw Mixture yesterday I was honestly taken aback by how much love I felt pouring out. Bear with me. I know that sounds so woo-woo and I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.
You see, the thing about these books is that they come from a small soulful creative family unit. Their words and images are woven with such heart that it makes me overflow with happiness. On walking this morning I admit that I was jealous. Steve wrote these words that speak to me, and his daughter Ruth drew the images that sing to me (so loudly!), and I wished that I’d created something like that with my dad. Yet, here’s the thing. Instead of mourning what never was, I have decided that I can still honour his gifts and weave them into the world. Like this. Sharing what we love is important, as it scatters our gifts, and the world is brighter for it.
I’d encourage you all to go and say hello to Mary (Steve’s wife and Ruth’s mother) the lightkeeper. She is doing the work of trying to share their family’s precious gifts, and we all know that the lighthouse can get lonely at times.
I’m off to start building my boat!



My brother knows me. This was his gift to me… a truly beautiful, inspiring book. Incredibly moving words, art, photos and poetry all tied up with string. Not that I need an excuse to venture outside more, and yet…