Let me be

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Being an HSP and a very strong introvert I spend a lot of time in this bubble of mine. It’s a space I’ve built to protect me from my perceived ‘noise’ of the world, as well as being a healthy quiet space where I can cultivate and curate my thoughts.

It’s funny though, as until fairly recently I often thought of my bubble as being ‘selfish’ and detaching me from the real world. So when my mum called me yesterday, and proceeded to tell me some traumatic story about an animal that had come to an unfortunate end… it burst my bubble, and I felt my tension levels rise. Again, for the millionth time, I asked her not to share this kind of stuff with me, and she proceeded to sigh, and told me to get back into my bubble. Thank you. I will. But it takes time for me to get back there, I struggle to simply ‘shake off’ my feelings as they cling to me like a heavy mist.

I realise that some people need to share in order to process, and that getting things off our chest can be an important part of processing. I am also not naive enough to realise that I get to control my every ‘real world’ interaction (even though I’ll try, ahahaha ;) However I do find that often this act of ‘sharing’ can often simply spread the negative energy outwards. As I learn and understand more about being an HSP I am realising just how important it is to give ourselves the opportunity to choose when and how to interact with this kind of information. I am well aware of the trauma and violence that is going on in the world, and I’m in no way saying we can close our eyes to it. Far, far from it infact. But I need to allow myself the freedom to choose when and how I bring that information in, as only then will I have the energy to diffuse it and help bring about the change I wish to see.

No, I don’t watch the news… #tinytruth best act of self-love I ever made.