Since reading about the benefits of this superstar weed, I’m seeing it on every walk, and taking in as much of her goodness as I can. My son found it funny that it’s called chickweed, but I assured him the guys would benefit from it’s magic too… he’s not convinced yet.

Chickweed, also known as star weed is a tender looking and understated beauty that can often be overlooked.
This wonderful ally is a real soothing balm for skin conditions such as eczema, rashes, wounds, pink eye and itchy skin so I love to make an oil to turn into a balm. Chickweed is also a medicine for many things, a good food and a very useful ally to have around.
Little starweed gently moves the lymphatic system, helps the body to absorb more nutrients from food, breaks down unwanted matter including thickened mucus in the respiratory tract and digestive system, cysts and excess fat cells.
As a diuretic chickweed brings a loss of fluids from the body and helps bring on weight loss. This plant works on the endocrine system and the metabolism regulating water levels and driving off excess fat.
Loaded with nutrition, chlorophyll, minerals and vitamins makes this a great accompaniment to food dishes and smoothies.
As a medicine I make tincture from the fresh plant, dry the plant for infusions, make a mineral rich vinegar and make an oil for skin.
As you can see chickweed is indeed a star.
— Brigit McNeill