Keep it Simple

Keep it simple

#tinytruth I'm not a foodie.⁣

Taste is just not my biggest turn-on, and I find the whole concept of healthy eating quite stressful. Too many choices for my brain tends to force me to hit my shut-down switch. Watching me in the supermarket is hysterical, I can walk around for ages like a chicken in headlights... and still I'll arrive home with nothing to show for it asides from a random bag of pak-choi and some peanuts. ⁣

So that’s another reason why I turn to minimalism in so many ways in my life. Keeping things simple, simply lowers my stress levels. I think if it weren't for my family I'd probably live on a diet of soup, guacamole and crips, nasi goreng and dark chocolate. No joke. ⁣

So soup is this precious life simplifying gift that has been passed down through the generations of seriously strong Scottish women that I hail from... and if you didn't know it, Scottish people make awesome soups! It ticks enough of the nutritious boxes for me to feel like a good enough mother, and is quick and simple enough for me to cope with making. Another truth is that my soups are simply not as good as my mums... but I'll keep trying.⁣

Do you have any simple food solutions that I might want to try?