Make, Do & Mend

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#tinytruth making mends hearts.⁣

My mother is a maker, and she is a do-er. In fact she is a do-er to the extreme and would knock all those duracell bunnies out of the park. I always felt that she never stopped doing as a way of hiding from her hurts. What I'm only just starting to realise is that she does these things to heal her hurts. And this making, and this doing, is actually such a gift, for her, and for those around her who she supports with all her soul.⁣

I never understood my crafting habit. From a young age you'd find me turning my hand to as many different crafts as I could. I'm slowly starting to see that this making of mine is also my way of processing. My making is like my meditation. It brings my brain that space I need to slow down and focus on something physical.⁣

I've always been a little dismissive of the term art-therapy as I think I felt that art was always above me. I'm a numbers and logic girl, and art is for the more creative souls that I could never claim to be. Yet what I'm uncovering in this tiny Instagram experiment of mine is how powerful making, and creating in all its forms is for our minds. ⁣

So today I want to celebrate all mothers, and makers, and do-er's and menders of hearts. And especially my own mother, for without her gifts I would never have discovered my own. She has been my brightest light since the day I was born, and yet, as with the sun, I so often take her energy for granted. ⁣