I will leave the light on

Light on

I will leave the light on.⁣

A good friend of mine is walking through darkness right now. The thing about seeing our friends and family suffer is that we immediately feel like we should offer help, or advice. Like we should reach out to them and try to make it ‘easier’, there is a desire to want to lighten their load. And yet it is not ours to carry. Instead I think the biggest gift we can offer in these times of darkness is of light. Of support. Even if they need to stay out in the darkness of the woods a while, I think the light offers comfort and safety simply by shining. ⁣

This friend of mine is a lighthouse for so many women, and so to her I offer her my own tiny light. I think it is enough. We offer the light we have, and leave it on... ⁣

Sidenote 1. This doodle was inspired from the insanely talented @ruththorpstudiowho’s work I discovered in Bath last year. Her art moves me deeply, and I thoroughly recommend you check her out. 🖤🙏🖤⁣

Sidenote 2. J made me a mixtape on Spotify recently, yes, like back in the old days 😉 On it is a song called ‘Leave a Light On’ by Tom Walker... oh. my. word... let me know what you think if you check it out... 🖤🖤🖤⁣

Sidenote 3. I can’t get the idea of us all on here now being like watchers on the wall (Games of Thrones reference 😉). Are you with me!? ⁣

Shine your light ✨⁣