My Tiny Giant

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Your Soul Speaks

Soul / Intuition / Inner Wisdom / Heart Song / Tiny Giant / Truth⁣

I like knowing. Things that aren’t definite or clear have always been hard for me to settle in with. I think that’s why I find my brain such a puzzler, oh how easy would it be to be a robot! ⁣

The concept of our souls has been that for me. Undefinable, puzzling, frustrating. Yet I think that’s what this journey in here is about, me connecting back with my soul, my intuition, my tinygiant. ⁣

So when I discovered the work of @susannahconway my heart sang a song, and I knew I wanted to join her course #yoursoulspeaks, as I’m trying to tune in more. I have a ‘thing’ for learning, and there’s nothing I love more than to learn from independent incredible people who are sharing their life’s work like this. #educationrevolution 😉⁣

I’m only a few days in, but can’t get the idea of my soul being a genie out my head. I can’t remember, but is that what Aladdin was actually all about? Maybe it’s all @willsmith fault 🤔😝 ⁣

Do you think much about your soul. Do you ‘see’ it in any way, I’m wondering if now I can play around with it more in a visual way that I can start to listen in more clearly... ⁣

(Oh, and when drawing this last night, Lionel Richie came to mind, and now I can’t get him out of my head, maybe that’s my soul singing too!? Help! 😂)⁣

Soul Meditations

There is something about sharing the things I love that makes me shimmer inside. This book is one of those things… You know when you find things that reach inside you like that and you want to buy a boatfull of them so that you can share them with every single soul you see. On opening the beautiful parcel I got from Raw Mixture yesterday I was honestly taken aback by how much love I felt pouring out. Bear with me. I know that sounds so woo-woo and I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.
You see, the thing about these books is that they come from a small soulful creative family unit. Their words and images are woven with such heart that it makes me overflow with happiness. On walking this morning I admit that I was jealous. Steve wrote these words that speak to me, and his daughter Ruth drew the images that sing to me (so loudly!), and I wished that I’d created something like that with my dad. Yet, here’s the thing. Instead of mourning what never was, I have decided that I can still honour his gifts and weave them into the world. Like this. Sharing what we love is important, as it scatters our gifts, and the world is brighter for it.
I’d encourage you all to go and say hello to Mary (Steve’s wife and Ruth’s mother) the lightkeeper. She is doing the work of trying to share their family’s precious gifts, and we all know that the lighthouse can get lonely at times.
I’m off to start building my boat!

Caged Birds


“A picture speaks a thousand words.”
I’ve been trying to understand how best to communicate recently. In trying to express what I think and feel, I have always felt that words have never worked well for me. I have never felt like I mastered the art of verbal, or indeed written, communication. I fumble with my words, and often feel like I’m speaking a foreign language. I get frustrated, and feel foolish, and shut down. Yet I do not think of myself as an artist either. Until recently, whenever I ‘play’ at drawing I find fear and comparison overwhelm me, and I retreat back into my mind. My own personal playground.
So how can I engage with the world if I find myself lacking in both arenas. I must stumble on regardless with my messy words and my imperfect images. As the thing I’m finding is that these images and words, slowly and gently are building a tiny picture of me. They are expressions of my self, and in doing that they are valuable.
The interesting thing that I’m only starting to recognise is when I’m trying to understand my thoughts and my feelings, I do it visually. I can’t ever really tell you how I feel, as I can’t express my senses using words. So maybe I am an artist after all. We are all artists, and we can smudge the lines between words and images, because these are only tools of self expression, they are not the experience itself, and we have to give ourselves permission to play with both, in order to share ourselves, and make connections with others.
This picture is how my experience yesterday looking around a school with my kids made me feel. I think this picture is worth a thousand words.
I’m still trying to find my song.

Tune In.


I find it fascinating how our brains work. Mine is forever picking up threads, and playing with them a while, weaving them into this blanket of my life. One thread that’s coming up at the moment is around listening into our inner self. We are all unique instruments playing our own songs. As a mother, I find I’m still learning a lot about this instrument of mine, whilst encouraging the kids to play theirs. Sometimes we manage a little melody, often we’re out of tune. I’m learning from them how to truly listen.
Bit by bit I’m tuning in…

Tune into your own heart’s song
— Yoga with Adriene


Sas Petherick.jpg

Sas’ words always speak to me. In today’s letter she shared her journey through literal heartbreak and pain, and what treasures it is unearthing within. Her words around heart-wisdom were so in alignment with thoughts I’ve been having around my own felt sense, that I felt compelled to draw around it. Something is definitely emerging… Thank you Sas, for your ability to put into words so beautifully thoughts and feelings that I find hard to express :)