Nature's Magic

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#tinytruth - Nature holds my secrets.⁣

I find my energy re-balances in nature. All the thoughts that swirl around my mind seem to settle when I walk alone through the fields. Once they have stilled, it's almost like I'm walking in another dimension, where I see with something more than just my eyes. Everything becomes clearer, and brighter...⁣

This is when I find my tinygiant speaks to me. When I've given her space to feel safe, she whispers to me tiny truths she knows I need to hear. It is then when I 'feel' these thoughts I am trying to express. ⁣

In part, I think it sounds really woo-woo and weird, and yet the other part of me thinks it's the simplest and most obvious truth there is. My wisdom is at home in the wild.⁣

Do you have a place or a practice where your inner wisdom, or soul, or whatever you want to call it (mine is my tinygiant), speaks to you most clearly? ⁣

You are the oyster

oyster illustration

#tinytruth - I don't want the world. ⁣

Does anyone else get the sense that having the world as their oyster is way too intimidating? That phrase has never motivated or encouraged me in any way. You can keep your pearls if I have to go hunting for them that far away from home.⁣

I've been having a conversation (via email) with Daphne of @thecreativityhabit as her tagline 'make your thing, change your world' sparked off lightnig bolts in my brain. She was explaining that creating and changing HER world is much more important to her now than worrying about chasing and changing the entire world.⁣

Which obviously I am down with. Completely. In fact, I believe that we can change the quote to better suit our time. We are the oysters. We are the pearls. The beauty, the light, the safety and the strength that we look for is actually within each and every one of us. No need to search the world when all we need is inside, waiting for the right conditions to open and shine...⁣

Tune In.


I find it fascinating how our brains work. Mine is forever picking up threads, and playing with them a while, weaving them into this blanket of my life. One thread that’s coming up at the moment is around listening into our inner self. We are all unique instruments playing our own songs. As a mother, I find I’m still learning a lot about this instrument of mine, whilst encouraging the kids to play theirs. Sometimes we manage a little melody, often we’re out of tune. I’m learning from them how to truly listen.
Bit by bit I’m tuning in…

Tune into your own heart’s song
— Yoga with Adriene

Hidden Gifts

Russian Doll.jpg

This Russian doll has been in my mind a lot lately... in many different forms. When I think about my layers, hiding, learning, seeing, protecting, uncovering... When I think about our family and what passes through the generations, my daughter, my mother, her mother...myself.
Every time I see this little girl as a gift, here to teach me something about life, and my place in it. My treasure within. And my daughter (@wolfie_biggins ) who helped me to draw her face 🙌✨ Another gift. 🙏