This is me.

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This is (a tiny piece of) me.

Hello. I feel like as I’m starting to share this messy mind of mine, that I should also share the face that holds it. As although I’m a giant believer of the inside counting most, I also like looking into people’s eyes.

So here are mine.

#tinytruth The Greatest Showman is one of my (many) comfort blanket movies that has definitely helped me a lot this year. Won’t lie, I’ve probably watched it at least 10 times. The music soothes my soul, and brings me joy.

Do you watch any movies to help you on those rough days?

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, full of smiles and sparkles.

Mixed Messages


I’ve been thinking about mixed messages and trying to understand my introverted (and HSP) nature.

One of the most amazing (and challenging) things about becoming a mother is how it has forced me to go inside. Somewhere that I had always been too scared to go. The only way I can help them to navigate their worlds, is to try to get a better understanding of my own. Learning to understand the way I think has been the biggest gift my kids have given me, and I’m still unwrapping it daily. One important thing I’ve learnt along the way is how incredibly strong an introvert (and HSP) I am. Accepting, and not fighting this, and trying to find ways to work with this wiring of mine helps me see that there are other ways of being, that I don’t think I was aware of as a child, or even adult. There are many reasons that have influenced the way I show myself to the world, but almost all of them have included clever tricks to try to hide.

I am a master faker. Even to myself. I don’t know if this is an introvert thing, and HSP thing, a gemini thing, a big family thing, a nomadic thing, a strict school thing. But very few people get to peek at the real me. They see calm, kind, smily me… but I have a wild, electric, stubborn, sweary me too. This me, this tinygiant inside, feels more like the true me that I’m starting to embrace, and trust. These waves inside are not things to be scared of. They are a powerful force, indeed, but they too are a gift. Learning to sail these waves does indeed bring it’s challenges, but I truly believe we have to be careful when we think we can change the weather… it’s like trying to bottle a storm. It’s forcing the giant to stay tiny, when really the giant must shine, and step out from the shadows.

Finding ways to communicate my thoughts and feelings still is one of the biggest challenges of this brain of mine. I’m slowly starting so sit in my storm and can see that there is joy and peace in there too. My giant is nothing to be scared of. I want my kids to see this too, we all have our own weather systems inside, and seven days of still sunshine isn’t always as glorious as it sounds.

Show me your storm!

Tune In.


I find it fascinating how our brains work. Mine is forever picking up threads, and playing with them a while, weaving them into this blanket of my life. One thread that’s coming up at the moment is around listening into our inner self. We are all unique instruments playing our own songs. As a mother, I find I’m still learning a lot about this instrument of mine, whilst encouraging the kids to play theirs. Sometimes we manage a little melody, often we’re out of tune. I’m learning from them how to truly listen.
Bit by bit I’m tuning in…

Tune into your own heart’s song
— Yoga with Adriene