Nature's Magic

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#tinytruth - Nature holds my secrets.⁣

I find my energy re-balances in nature. All the thoughts that swirl around my mind seem to settle when I walk alone through the fields. Once they have stilled, it's almost like I'm walking in another dimension, where I see with something more than just my eyes. Everything becomes clearer, and brighter...⁣

This is when I find my tinygiant speaks to me. When I've given her space to feel safe, she whispers to me tiny truths she knows I need to hear. It is then when I 'feel' these thoughts I am trying to express. ⁣

In part, I think it sounds really woo-woo and weird, and yet the other part of me thinks it's the simplest and most obvious truth there is. My wisdom is at home in the wild.⁣

Do you have a place or a practice where your inner wisdom, or soul, or whatever you want to call it (mine is my tinygiant), speaks to you most clearly? ⁣

My Tiny Giant

Is it me
Your Soul Speaks

Soul / Intuition / Inner Wisdom / Heart Song / Tiny Giant / Truth⁣

I like knowing. Things that aren’t definite or clear have always been hard for me to settle in with. I think that’s why I find my brain such a puzzler, oh how easy would it be to be a robot! ⁣

The concept of our souls has been that for me. Undefinable, puzzling, frustrating. Yet I think that’s what this journey in here is about, me connecting back with my soul, my intuition, my tinygiant. ⁣

So when I discovered the work of @susannahconway my heart sang a song, and I knew I wanted to join her course #yoursoulspeaks, as I’m trying to tune in more. I have a ‘thing’ for learning, and there’s nothing I love more than to learn from independent incredible people who are sharing their life’s work like this. #educationrevolution 😉⁣

I’m only a few days in, but can’t get the idea of my soul being a genie out my head. I can’t remember, but is that what Aladdin was actually all about? Maybe it’s all @willsmith fault 🤔😝 ⁣

Do you think much about your soul. Do you ‘see’ it in any way, I’m wondering if now I can play around with it more in a visual way that I can start to listen in more clearly... ⁣

(Oh, and when drawing this last night, Lionel Richie came to mind, and now I can’t get him out of my head, maybe that’s my soul singing too!? Help! 😂)⁣