52 Mondays: Spring Session

Something we made.

So, here's the thing. 12 years ago when my daughter was still tiny I started a blog. I called it 'something we made' as I am a crafter, and I wanted to share the things that I was making at home that brought me joy. I hardly got started before fear took over and I hid inside for over a decade. I kept making, but was far too scared to share.

Then I met this incredibly wise and kind hearted woman called Krista. I first followed her words from afar through facebook, then I found the courage to ask her to help me find my voice, and try to untangle this fear of mine. And now, together, we have made something. And it's something I'm very proud of.

So, in helping me to understand why I feel I need to hide, she's also shined her light on the other side of me, and that is the side of me that is brave enough to connect, and to collaborate, and find ways to work within these boundaries of mine. By becoming more aware of my struggles, I've also become more aware of my strengths... and this is something that I think everyone could benefit from. The discovery of their treasures that they keep hidden within. 

This journal is a baby step in that direction, Krista's beautiful reflections of hope and encouragement will help you pause and consider the way you show up day by day. And there's a little doodle from me each week, inspired by her words.

It isn't perfect, we've self-published it using Amazon as neither of us want to take the risk of getting a big batch printed. So the cover is flimsy and the pages don't lie completely flat. I hope you will see through these imperfections and enjoy the process of journalling. As I do believe that the act of taking time to reflect and write (or draw!) each day is an incredible tool of self discovery.
If you know anyone who you think might like it, we'd obviously both be incredibly grateful for you to scatter the love far and wide. x