You are the oyster

oyster illustration

#tinytruth - I don't want the world. ⁣

Does anyone else get the sense that having the world as their oyster is way too intimidating? That phrase has never motivated or encouraged me in any way. You can keep your pearls if I have to go hunting for them that far away from home.⁣

I've been having a conversation (via email) with Daphne of @thecreativityhabit as her tagline 'make your thing, change your world' sparked off lightnig bolts in my brain. She was explaining that creating and changing HER world is much more important to her now than worrying about chasing and changing the entire world.⁣

Which obviously I am down with. Completely. In fact, I believe that we can change the quote to better suit our time. We are the oysters. We are the pearls. The beauty, the light, the safety and the strength that we look for is actually within each and every one of us. No need to search the world when all we need is inside, waiting for the right conditions to open and shine...⁣


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“I had found refuge for my hopes inside myself, to keep them from being blown out by other men.” Jacques Lusseyran, And There Was Light. ⁣⁣
- A Quick Evening Sketch -⁣

You know that feeling you get when you’re reading a book and the words just floor you. That’s how I rate books... how many times I have to stop, take a photo / scribble a note / draw a sketch. This book, I’m reading so SLOWLY. My brain can’t process it quickly, I think it wants to soak it up daily like a plant. I feel it nourishing me, and tiny connections are lighting me up as I go, and I know that it’s changing the way I think, and see.⁣⁣
Have you read any books that have shifted something in you recently?

I will leave the light on

Light on

I will leave the light on.⁣

A good friend of mine is walking through darkness right now. The thing about seeing our friends and family suffer is that we immediately feel like we should offer help, or advice. Like we should reach out to them and try to make it ‘easier’, there is a desire to want to lighten their load. And yet it is not ours to carry. Instead I think the biggest gift we can offer in these times of darkness is of light. Of support. Even if they need to stay out in the darkness of the woods a while, I think the light offers comfort and safety simply by shining. ⁣

This friend of mine is a lighthouse for so many women, and so to her I offer her my own tiny light. I think it is enough. We offer the light we have, and leave it on... ⁣

Sidenote 1. This doodle was inspired from the insanely talented @ruththorpstudiowho’s work I discovered in Bath last year. Her art moves me deeply, and I thoroughly recommend you check her out. 🖤🙏🖤⁣

Sidenote 2. J made me a mixtape on Spotify recently, yes, like back in the old days 😉 On it is a song called ‘Leave a Light On’ by Tom Walker... oh. my. word... let me know what you think if you check it out... 🖤🖤🖤⁣

Sidenote 3. I can’t get the idea of us all on here now being like watchers on the wall (Games of Thrones reference 😉). Are you with me!? ⁣

Shine your light ✨⁣

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice
These darker days invite you to rest well; remembering the gold and the nourishment held within.
Winter teaches that nothing can be outward all the time, nothing can be forever spring; growing, young and outward.
All natural beings need rest in order to sustain themselves.
We need this time to go into our dark richness. Into the places we may fear inside ourselves so we can turn them into medicine through love and kindness of who we are.
This is a time where deep nourishment is called for in the form of good wholesome foods and tender love of our own hearts. Reminding ourselves that through the darkness comes the light, that this time is not only necessary but needed.
Just as the baby becomes whole in the darkness of the womb and the seed needs the black quiet earth to ignite what is held within.
This time of quiet darkness mirrors the beginning of all things.
And so this time is the invitation to begin again, to grow in your darkness so you can be rebirthed into the light of spring more alive and stronger than before.
So light the fires and the candles in your hearth, honour the gifts your heart and the heart of others can bring.
Create a nest you can rest in, love yourself in and journey in.
Write and dream.
Eat well and sleep well.
Winter is showing you that this is the time where you are the embryo in the womb, the seed in the darkness.
This is the time where nature asks- what do you need to heal, to feel safe enough to become whole, to become who you deeply are.
What needs attending to so you can feel peace in your body, what needs loving so you can grow well in the light that is to come.
— Brigit McNeill

Smallest Light

Laura creates the most lovely seasonal aromatherapy candles over in Wales. They are delightful. I'm yet to find a kid who doesn't love candles, and it's a great way to get the benefits of aromatherapy, alongside the joy of the candle light. I'd love to find out more behind the name, but for now I love "The smallest light still shines in the darkest night."