More than enough

more than enough

I'm a numbers girl.

Numbers soothe my soul. Seriously, there's always been a funny something about the clarity and peace that numbers and logic can bring me. I like to find patterns. The order in the chaos. My son is the same... he loves his maths. 

When it comes to our messy minds though, it can make things a little more complicated. Over the years when I found myself getting overwhelmed, and anxious (anxiety is a big thing for me) my husband used to get understandably frustrated and ask me why I couldn't see things from another perspective. I won't lie, it was frustrating as hell. 

So I don't know if this now comes with years of gentle practice, or if it was one of those 'quick shifts', but these little symbols have become a lifesaver for me. Thinking of my thoughts as amorphous things that I could manipulate and look at differently I found incredibly difficult. Yet bring a bit of logic, clarity, order, and control ;) to the situation and I feel more at ease. Put my situation in relation to these little brackets, and it becomes clear. Same thing, #tinydifferent method. 

I know you guys know this, shifting our thoughts is one of the most important tools in our mental health toolbox, but there's a difference between knowing the theory and being able to put it into practice. This is my way. Whenever I feel myself getting drawn down (which let's be honest happens a hundred little ways every day) I actually visualise these tiny arrows. Visualisation is the key for me I think, and words for me are harder to get a clear 'sense' of in my mind. 

Listening to Byron Katie chatting to Oprah earlier she explained her way too... "and then you turn it around". Every little less than thought can become a more than, enough. If you can find a way that makes sense for you.

Do you have any #mindshifting tips you'd be happy to share? I think I may be a collector of these tiny thoughts ;)

*I’ve been thinking recently about sharing this mind of mine, and how it could be mis-interpreted, or believed to be in any way like I’m suggesting how you should live your life. I think I need to write more around that at some point, but to be clear for now, these are simply meanderings from my mind. I’m offering nothing more, or nothing less than my presence here…