Two High

Two High

Emma over at @mumologist is celebrating online communities tomorrow by running a campaign called #iminyourvillage as a way to encourage people to share what they find positive, healthy and helpful in these little digital windows of ours. ⁣

I'd been planning a little post about how I feel the digital world has helped me over the years. It is a space I spend a lot of time in, and have thought a lot about. So I'm going to join in by sharing some doodles that came up for me whilst thinking about her campaign and posting what I like about instagram and this digital realm. As always, there are things I find challenging in here too, but I'm not going to focus on those, for tomorrow is about celebrations, connections and colourful images... ⁣feel free to join in too!

Oh, and because my life always seems to come with a soundtrack, I recommend you check out “Two High” by Moon Taxi...⁣

“When you feel the world around you⁣
Spinnin' out of control⁣
You can find someone around you⁣
To bring you out of the cold⁣
But you don't ever have to hide⁣
What you really feel inside⁣
So put 'em up⁣
Two high⁣
We can walk together with our hands up in the sky⁣
So put 'em up⁣
We can come together⁣
We won't give up on the fight”⁣

Oh, and it goes without saying that if you’ve read this far you are a most welcome villager in my tiny digital world 🙏🖤🙏

Full of Sunshine

Full of Sunshine
Positive Planner
Dear you.... you are full of sunshine ☀️even when you feel like darkness. You are full of strength 💪🏾 even when you feel weak. You are full of sparkles ✨ even when you feel grey and dull. You are full of laughter 🤩 even when only tears flow. You have people who love you 💛 you have passions that make your soul warm 🥰 You have so many good days and magical moments to treasure like gold ⭐️ it’s ok... it will pass.... let go of the expectation, have respect for the feelings your going through right in this moment, they are part of YOUR story. If you need help, ask, if you need space, take it, if you need sunshine, find it. If it’s a good moment, day, week, month, appreciate it, be present and be grateful. In some of my lowest periods, micro seconds of happiness have got me through, a bird 🐦 song, the way the ☀️ shines on something, the smell of coffee ☕️, the smile of a stranger. Hang in there. You are enough, you have enough and you do enough.
— Finn @ The Positive Planner

I was blown away by these words of Finn’s today… and they inspired my most recent zen-doodle.