Seeds of Love


There are other ways to love, and be loved.

I have always shied away from Valentines Day. I find it overwhelming, and outward expressions of emotions often make me a little uncomfortable. I have never loved cut flowers, and tend to just feel super awkward in restaurants.

And yet… what I do find truly lovely, is finding ways to love myself and those around me a little more. So when I read an article yesterday by @jenngranneman on the highly sensitive refuge about how to love an HSP a little lightbulb goes on in me, and that I want to celebrate. I realise that I’m not unromantic, cold and distant (which over the years has often been what I’ve thought I was), I just need things to be a little softer, a little quieter.

So instead of shunning Valentines Day this year, for finding it too brash and pretty grotesque, I’m going to practice listening in more. Finding out how best to love, and be loved is insanely important, and worth celebrating… but not always in a loud way.

Like Christina over @zeonicreations reminded me yesterday, ‘consistent whispering speaks louder than noisy megaphones’. And once we truly feel love, for ourselves and for those around us, the seeds miraculously start spreading…