Keep it Simple

Keep it simple

#tinytruth I'm not a foodie.⁣

Taste is just not my biggest turn-on, and I find the whole concept of healthy eating quite stressful. Too many choices for my brain tends to force me to hit my shut-down switch. Watching me in the supermarket is hysterical, I can walk around for ages like a chicken in headlights... and still I'll arrive home with nothing to show for it asides from a random bag of pak-choi and some peanuts. ⁣

So that’s another reason why I turn to minimalism in so many ways in my life. Keeping things simple, simply lowers my stress levels. I think if it weren't for my family I'd probably live on a diet of soup, guacamole and crips, nasi goreng and dark chocolate. No joke. ⁣

So soup is this precious life simplifying gift that has been passed down through the generations of seriously strong Scottish women that I hail from... and if you didn't know it, Scottish people make awesome soups! It ticks enough of the nutritious boxes for me to feel like a good enough mother, and is quick and simple enough for me to cope with making. Another truth is that my soups are simply not as good as my mums... but I'll keep trying.⁣

Do you have any simple food solutions that I might want to try?

Simple & Sweet


“Let’s keep things simple and sweet.”

A little mantra for you this weekend :)

Music is a big thing in our lives. Being an hsp I have a love hate relationship with sound. It can be both my trigger and my calm. I think it was the same with my dad, another hsp, and definitely is for our son. Our taste in music is eclectic to say the least, but last year one of my most played artists was Jon Bellion. There is something about his words, and his rhythm that is in beat with my brain.

On responding to some of the incredibly gorgeous comments on yesterday’s post, it reminded me of his song ‘Simple & Sweet’. I think that’s what our journal is, simple and sweet, and I think it’s a pretty amazing mantra to live by… don’t you?

Order and chaos

Order and Chaos
Without order nothing can exist. Without chaos nothing can evolve.
— Oscar Wilde

I’ve been thinking about this a lot today whilst I start fleshing out another fun collaboration with @a_life_in_progress I LOVE a good plan, but often find myself getting a tiny bit too tied up in the details. It’s all about the sweet spot between order and chaos hey! In order to help us with the plan (the order side of the project) we’re trying out @mondaydotcom which will hopefully free up some time and energy to play and create (in the chaos realm 😝)!