Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice
These darker days invite you to rest well; remembering the gold and the nourishment held within.
Winter teaches that nothing can be outward all the time, nothing can be forever spring; growing, young and outward.
All natural beings need rest in order to sustain themselves.
We need this time to go into our dark richness. Into the places we may fear inside ourselves so we can turn them into medicine through love and kindness of who we are.
This is a time where deep nourishment is called for in the form of good wholesome foods and tender love of our own hearts. Reminding ourselves that through the darkness comes the light, that this time is not only necessary but needed.
Just as the baby becomes whole in the darkness of the womb and the seed needs the black quiet earth to ignite what is held within.
This time of quiet darkness mirrors the beginning of all things.
And so this time is the invitation to begin again, to grow in your darkness so you can be rebirthed into the light of spring more alive and stronger than before.
So light the fires and the candles in your hearth, honour the gifts your heart and the heart of others can bring.
Create a nest you can rest in, love yourself in and journey in.
Write and dream.
Eat well and sleep well.
Winter is showing you that this is the time where you are the embryo in the womb, the seed in the darkness.
This is the time where nature asks- what do you need to heal, to feel safe enough to become whole, to become who you deeply are.
What needs attending to so you can feel peace in your body, what needs loving so you can grow well in the light that is to come.
— Brigit McNeill