Two High

Two High

Emma over at @mumologist is celebrating online communities tomorrow by running a campaign called #iminyourvillage as a way to encourage people to share what they find positive, healthy and helpful in these little digital windows of ours. ⁣

I'd been planning a little post about how I feel the digital world has helped me over the years. It is a space I spend a lot of time in, and have thought a lot about. So I'm going to join in by sharing some doodles that came up for me whilst thinking about her campaign and posting what I like about instagram and this digital realm. As always, there are things I find challenging in here too, but I'm not going to focus on those, for tomorrow is about celebrations, connections and colourful images... ⁣feel free to join in too!

Oh, and because my life always seems to come with a soundtrack, I recommend you check out “Two High” by Moon Taxi...⁣

“When you feel the world around you⁣
Spinnin' out of control⁣
You can find someone around you⁣
To bring you out of the cold⁣
But you don't ever have to hide⁣
What you really feel inside⁣
So put 'em up⁣
Two high⁣
We can walk together with our hands up in the sky⁣
So put 'em up⁣
We can come together⁣
We won't give up on the fight”⁣

Oh, and it goes without saying that if you’ve read this far you are a most welcome villager in my tiny digital world 🙏🖤🙏