You are the oyster

oyster illustration

#tinytruth - I don't want the world. ⁣

Does anyone else get the sense that having the world as their oyster is way too intimidating? That phrase has never motivated or encouraged me in any way. You can keep your pearls if I have to go hunting for them that far away from home.⁣

I've been having a conversation (via email) with Daphne of @thecreativityhabit as her tagline 'make your thing, change your world' sparked off lightnig bolts in my brain. She was explaining that creating and changing HER world is much more important to her now than worrying about chasing and changing the entire world.⁣

Which obviously I am down with. Completely. In fact, I believe that we can change the quote to better suit our time. We are the oysters. We are the pearls. The beauty, the light, the safety and the strength that we look for is actually within each and every one of us. No need to search the world when all we need is inside, waiting for the right conditions to open and shine...⁣

I don't know

I don't know

#tinytruth - I don’t know.⁣

A giant lesson for me throughout my life has been (and still is) accepting the fact that it is alright not to know. To own my not-knowing. I believe it’s one of the most powerful truths there is. ⁣

I think our society and our schools make it hard for us to be confident in this truth. I found safety and praise in knowledge, I found comfort and calm in rules and order. I still do to a certain extent... plans and goals still have the power to lure me into their fickle sense of safety. ⁣

As a parent this truth gets challenged on a daily basis... and in this relationship especially, it’s so easy to get sucked into the sense that you should give the impression of knowing more than you do. From the tiny daily ‘why?’ when they question the world, to the tinygiant ones about why we live the way we do. Yet if we don’t own our not-knowing as a parent, we are building our relationship with our children on a bed full of tiny-lies. Once we sit together in the space of not-knowing, a whole bigger brighter world of collaborative discovery opens up to us all. It takes courage...⁣

Knowledge isn’t as powerful and rewarding as we’re made to believe. I think it’s the space between us and the information where the wisdom lies. Both the knowing, and the not knowing. The thinking and the feeling. ⁣

There is a lot I know, and far more that I don’t. There is certainly joy in the discovery of knowledge but perhaps that lesson is the most joyful of all. ⁣